Tuesday, June 15, 2010



Shivaji Satam, Makarand Anaspure, Subodh Bhave, Madhura Velankar – Satam, Pushkar Shrotri, Sulabha Deshpande, Mrunal Deshpande, Manasi Magikar, Vidyadhar Joshi, Swarasha Jadhav, Sunil Dev & Dnyaneshwar. Directed By:Abhijeet SatamProduced By:Sanjay Chhabria & Abhijeet SatamPlot Outline:
Anna Gurav is terror personified! In Wanarwadi, in the picturesque Konkan, Anna’s word is the LAW- because of his command over Astrology. But he is loggerheads with Ajit, his only son who has developed a new breed of mangoes – the major bread-earner of this region.

The Gurav family also has twin daughters – AMRUTA, the rebellious one and ANKITA, the docile one who is in love with the local rickshaw driver SUBHYA. Enter school teacher DIGAMBER KALE, from Aambejogai Marathwada, who soon becomes an integral part of the Gurav family.

Ajit wants to break the vicious circle of the mango-farmers getting peanuts from the CHAJED who earns millions in the Market. Anna opposes his view of going into the market himself with the mangoes as Anna’s astrology says that this business is not conducive to the Gurav Family.

In Haapus, the Director in an entertaining way paints a compulsive portrait of the Gurav Family along with the villagers, who are largely dependant on the Mango crop that blesses them just once a year!

A Portrait that will satiate every viewer’s innermost sensibilities.

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