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Shivaji Satam, Makarand Anaspure, Subodh Bhave, Madhura Velankar – Satam, Pushkar Shrotri, Sulabha Deshpande, Mrunal Deshpande, Manasi Magikar, Vidyadhar Joshi, Swarasha Jadhav, Sunil Dev & Dnyaneshwar. Directed By:Abhijeet SatamProduced By:Sanjay Chhabria & Abhijeet SatamPlot Outline:
Anna Gurav is terror personified! In Wanarwadi, in the picturesque Konkan, Anna’s word is the LAW- because of his command over Astrology. But he is loggerheads with Ajit, his only son who has developed a new breed of mangoes – the major bread-earner of this region.

The Gurav family also has twin daughters – AMRUTA, the rebellious one and ANKITA, the docile one who is in love with the local rickshaw driver SUBHYA. Enter school teacher DIGAMBER KALE, from Aambejogai Marathwada, who soon becomes an integral part of the Gurav family.

Ajit wants to break the vicious circle of the mango-farmers getting peanuts from the CHAJED who earns millions in the Market. Anna opposes his view of going into the market himself with the mangoes as Anna’s astrology says that this business is not conducive to the Gurav Family.

In Haapus, the Director in an entertaining way paints a compulsive portrait of the Gurav Family along with the villagers, who are largely dependant on the Mango crop that blesses them just once a year!

A Portrait that will satiate every viewer’s innermost sensibilities.

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Yashwant Ayurvedic College

The mass leader & Ex. M.L.A., Respected Shri. Yashwant Eknath Patil (Dada) and his colleagues established Yashwant Ayurvedic College in 1989 to avail medical education to the common students.
Day by day the College & Hospital is progressing by leaps & bounds under the expert guidance of Respected Shri Pradeep Yashwant Patil (Baba). Moreover the institute put one step ahead in the year 2006 by starting Post Graduation & Research Unit in various specialties of Ayurveda.
The institute is forwarding towards excellence under the patronage & blessings of Respected Shri. Yashwant Eknath Patil (Dada), by the expert management of Respected Shri. Pradeep Patil (Baba) and also under the guidance of Respected Shri Vasant Dinkar Patil (Daji).


  • Recognized by Dept. of AYUSH, Ministry of Health, Govt. of India, Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi and Govt. of Maharashtra.
  • Affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik.
  • Commencement of Degree Course from academic year 1989.
  • Post Graduation (M.D./M.S.) Courses in the specialties of Rognidan avum Vikriti Vigyana, Shalakya Tantra & Agadtantra avum Vidhi Vaidyak from the year 2006
  • Proposed Post Graduate Courses in new specialties (viz. – Ayurved Samhita, Rachana Sharir, Rasashastra, Swasthavritta, Prasutitantra Strirog, Kaumarbhritya, Kayachikitsa & Shalya Tantra) from the academic year 2010-11.
  • From academic year 2010-11, the Under Graduate admission capacity will be up to 80 students. So maximum students will get opportunity to become a doctor.
  • As per the rules of Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi the institute is having 14 well equipped departments.
  • 290 bedded Hospital with Ayurvedic as well as Modern Medical treatment facilities available there-in.
  • General Wards, Semi-Special & Special rooms are available for patients.
  • Patients are benefited by various schemes of Government.
  • All teachers with Post Graduate qualifications.
  • Full-fledged Teaching & Non - Teaching staff as per the norms of Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi.
  • Facility of Internet & Digital Library.
  • Well equipped separate library sections for Under Graduate & Post Graduate Courses with facility of study room.
  • Herbal Garden of 2 acres with 1200 species of Medicinal Plants.
  • Excellent quality education of Ayurveda & Modern Medicine.
  • Guest Lectures & Guidance by Expert Doctors.
  • Emphasis on regular schedule of lectures, Practicals & clinicals as per the curriculum.
  • Separate and well furnished hostel facility for boys & girls.
  • Well advanced computer Lab for Computer Education.
  • G.M.P. certified Ayurvedic Pharmacy produces best quality medicines.
  • Well equipped research centre to promote Medical Research in various disciplines.
  • Excellent Results – our students secures highest marks and stands in university merit list.
  • Full cooperation & guidance to Backward Class, OBC & economically Backward Open category students to avail Government Scholarship.
  • Personal attention & guidance towards every student.
  • Arrangements of parent meetings for co-ordination among students, parents & teachers.
  • Opportunities for complete Personality Development through different activities like cultural programmes, sports & National Service Schemes.
  • Canteen facility in college campus.

Yashwant Ayurvedic College

Shri Yashwant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Kodoli has started Yashwant Ayurvedic College in 1989 at Kodoli (Kolhapur). Kodoli is 22 K.M. away from Historical & Famous Kolhapur city in Maharashtra State where Railway Station & Air Port is available. The college is in Panhala Taluka which is famous hill station. Kodoli is just 10 K.M. away from National High Way No. 4.

The college has recognized by Govt. of Maharashtra, Central Council of Indian Medicine New Delhi, Govt. of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Dept. of AYUSH New Delhi, and affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik. (Maharashtra State)

Presently there is 65 intake capacity for Under Graduate Course i.e. Bachelor of Ayurved Medicine & Surgery (B.A.M.S.). The course is comprised of 4½ Years Training in Ayurved & Allopathic System of Medicine along with One Year Internship. Post Graduate Course viz. M.D./ M.S in Ayurved in three subjects viz. Rognidan, Agadtantra and Shalakya Tantra is started in 2006. The P.G. Course in other subjects will be started in future.

The college & hospital fulfill the norms laid down by C.C.I.M, New Delhi, College is attached with 290 bedded Ayurvedic hospital which is registered under The Bombay Nursing Homes Registration Act, 1949. having traditional Ayurvedic Treatment facilities i.e. Panchakarma, Ksharsutra, Yoga, etc. alongwith Modern System of Medicine Treatment including I.C.U., N.I.C.U., Sonography etc.

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A Guaranteed fun bonanza…”KON AAHE RE TIKDE”

Stories about people sacrificing their lives for their own ambitions aren’t uncommon. But have you ever come across species, who would make scape-goats out of their own off-springs in their quest to air their ego-balloons…?

Meet Mr.Zhunzaarrao Shirke (Mohan Agashe), a landlord, who claims Veergadh, a fort, to be his ancestral property. He and many of his earlier generations thought that Veergadh was gifted to their ancestors, a thought that cost them a cool 500 acres of land. While they were at logger heads with the establishment and left them with not enough money to even take care of their old mansion…. But battered egos are hard to ignore . Zhunzaar rao proves it as he sweats that until and he claims Veergadh, he wouldn’t let Malhaar (Subodh Bhave), his only son, get married. This puts Malhaar in a fix as he is already engaged to a girl, Devki (Hemangi Kavi), the loving daughter of Shinde (Mohan Joshi), a wealthy ex-politician, and sister of the deadly aspiring gun-trotting politician Udayrao Shinde (Mangesh Desai).
Casual meetings between an over excited Malhaar and Devki turns intimate…very intimate…infact, so intimate that Devki becomes pregnant…! Malhaar goes berserk after knowing this and asks Devki to abort the child, which she profoundly refuses. Now Malhaar just can’t imagine what his father, his highness Zhunzaarrao Shirke can do to him once he gets to know about this.

Malhaar resorts to find idiotic solutions to his problems which further complicates the chaos, albeit in a funny way. On the other hand without Devki’s knowledge, her father approaches a gynecologist for abortion, to whom he doesn’t reveal her name. This kicks an odd suspicion game, wherein everyone, right from her sister in-law (Suhas Paranjpe) to the maid (Smita Tambe) starts suspecting the other to be pregnant. The chaos intensifies as everyone exercises their complicated imagination powers and add more to the on-going confusion.

Does Devki go ahead with her pregnancy or abortion…? Does Zhunzaar Rao come to know about his son’s antics…? What happens to Malhaar…? What happens to Veergadh…?Does Shinde and Udayrao solve Devki’s problems…? Do watch this incredibly hilarious caper…a guaranteed fun bonanza…”KON AAHE RE TIKDE”…?