Saturday, February 6, 2010


"Jogava" a film directed by Rajiv of the good director!! This movie goes on to show the naked truth in our so called society in very effective manner...The truth about Jogtas and Jogtins children of goddess... The story mainly revolved around two main character "Suli"(Mukta barve) and "Tayappa"(Upendra limaye) Set on a backcloth of village in Karnataka...where goddess Yallama's influence leads to exploit the villagers in the name of superstitions. In fact how villagers are made to believe on old rituals to cure any ailment...

Well in case of Suli,her mother found a knot while combing her hair and believed that this is a serious issue, so suli is taken to the akkubai(interpreter of team of jogtas and jogtins). Akkubai forces Suli's family to offer her daughter to serve for goddess... similarly the young boy Tayyapa is brought by his father to this place just because he has been passing some blood through urinary track!! Suli and tayyapa forced to become jagti and jogta much against their wish!!!
Soon both gets adapted to this lifestyle and earns for their living. suli learns to dance to please the goddess. But some villagers are only interested in Jogtins just for having a intimate relationship. They gave inhuman treatment by branding them as Prostitute.. Tayappa loves suli from his heart,but he can not express his love....Finally both the victims come together..they scandalized against their society.

This film convey a message to fight against so called superstitions!!! So overall movie was awesome....some melodrama is in movie but without melodrama , movie can not be a "Movie"... music by ajay-atul as usual great!! Both mukta barve and upendra limaye come out with great performances... So go watch this movie at least once!!!!

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