Saturday, March 28, 2009

nearby city pethvadgaon

About PethVadgaon:-(Peth Vadgaon, PethVadagaon,PethWadagaon,PethWadgaon) Peth Vadgaon is a famous town in Maharashtra state of India, around 20 km from Kolhapur. It is Historical City of The Great Maratha Dhanaji Jadhav.Dhanaji Shambhusinha Jadhav (1650 – 1708), popularly known as Dhanaji Jadhav, was one of the great warriors of the Maratha Empire. His name became inseparable from the name of Santaji Ghorpade with whom he made terrifying campaigns against Mughal army continuously from 1689 to 1696. After Santaji, Dhanaji became the chief of the Maratha army in 1696 and remained on the post until his death in 1708.At the beginning of the Rajaram’s regime, Dhanaji was a Pancha Hajari, a chief of 5,000 soldiers. In September 1689 along with Santaji, Dhanaji attacked Aurangzeb’s General Shekh Nizam who had blocked fort Panhala. Nizam was severely beaten and his treasure, horses and elephants were captured. During 1689 – 1690, Santaji and Dhanaji were directed to prevent the Mughal army in Maharashtra to enter into Karnataka after Rajaram’s flight to Gingee. On 25 May 1690, Sarjahkhan alias Rustamkhan was defeated and captured near Satara by Ramchandra Pant Amatya, Shankaraji Narayan, Santaji and Dhanaji which proved to be a big blow to Aurangzeb. In the month of December in the same year, Santaji and Dhanaji were promoted and were placed respectively under the supervision of Ramchandra Pant Amatya and Shankaraji Narayan Sacheev. In the last quarter of 1692, Dhanaji and Santaji were sent to Karnataka to release the Mughal pressure around Gingee. On the way to Karnataka on 8 October 1692, Dharwad was captured by 7000 Maratha soldiers under both of them. In December 1692, the Mughal army under Zulfikhar Ali Khan around fort Gingee was blocked and beaten by Santaji and Dhanaji as a result of which Zulfikhar Ali Khan had to approach to Rajaram for compromise. On 9 January 1693, Dhanaji captured Aurangazeb’s General Ismailkhan Makha, arrested him and took him to Gingee. After lengthy negotiations with Rajaram, Zulfikhar Ali Khan was granted a safe way out in March 1693 which Santaji did not like. He argued with Rajaram and left the place without his permission as a result of which Dhanaji was given tentative charge of the army chief. Santaji, however, soon resumed his duties. In September 1695 during a great tussle at Chandan Vandan, Dhanaji lost one of his sons on the battlefield. On 20 November 1695, Kasimkhan; Aurangzeb’s powerful General in Karnataka, was attacked, defeated and killed by Santaji and Dhanaji at Doderi near Chitradurga. In December 1695, Dhanaji was defeated in a battle near Vellore by Zulfikhar Ali Khan. In June 1696, by order of Rajaram, Dhanaji attacked Santaji for his rebellion near Vriddhachalam but was forced to retreat. Soon thereafter Santaji was officially sacked and his charge was given to Dhanaji again. In March 1697, Dhanaji defeated Santaji at Dahigaon with the help of Hanmantrao Nimbalkar.

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